Specialist service for Grimme machines and original spare parts.


We claim to have the most qualified and equipped service for Grimme machines throughout Poland.

When you decide to buy machinery from the Agrarada company you can be sure that:

  • In the event of any failure or malfunction during the harvest season and throughout the year it will be quickly, efficiently and effectively cared for by our service department.
  • Service technicians have the necessary experience and high practical and theoretical knowledge of our complete range of machinery on offer.
  • We have professional diagnostic tools, computers and well-equipped service vans, so we are able to quickly diagnose and repair most breakdowns in the field.
  • Regardless of the region and the province in Poland, our service always reaches you.
  • parts for Grimme such as belts, rollers, rods, fasteners, gears, bearings, sensors, controllers, computers and many other items available immediately
  • parts for Asa Lift, Amac, Baselier, Bijlsma Grimme, Hercules, Climax, Ferbo, Miedema, Monosem, Stanhay, Struik and other vegetable machines